Computers and Technology
2015-11-10 05:19:30
Going metric. (convert feet into meters) write a program that reads a number in feet, converts it to meters, and displays the result. one foot is 0.305 meters. input and prompts.the program prompts for the feet with the message "enter a value for feet: ". output . the output is of the form "x feet is y meters" where x is the number read in and y is the number of meters computed by the program . class names. your program class should be called femtometers
2015-11-10 07:38:41

class femtometers {    const double FEET_TO_METERS = 0.3048;    public:    double ConvertToMeters(double feet)    {       return feet * FEET_TO_METERS;    } }; int main() {   double feet = 0;   femtometers converter;   do {     printf("enter a value for feet:  ");     scanf_s("%lf", &feet);     double meters = converter.ConvertToMeters(feet);     printf("%lf feet is %lf meters ", feet, meters);   } while (feet > 0.0);   return 0; }