2015-11-06 02:14:00
Which of the following are not concerning all living organisms? A. It produces offspring B. It consists of cells. C. It responds to the environment. D. It is not capable of movement.
2015-11-06 08:20:01

Trick question. They are all correct. A. Every living organism produces offspring, or else how would it keep life going? Plants pollinate and produce seeds, while animals have babies. B. All living organisms consist of cells that do different functions within the body. For example, white blood cells attack viruses and cardiac muscle cells maintain muscle in the heart. C. All living organisms respond and adapt to things in their environment. This is called stimulus and response. Like when a gazelle runs away from a cheetah, or a plant turns the sun. D. Not all living things are capable of movement. The not in the question and the not in the directions cancel out leaving the question with, "All living organisms are capable of movement," which is false.