2017-08-23 03:03:30
How does friction,acceleration,speed and net force relate to each other?
2017-08-23 05:43:39

Friction – the force that acts to resist the relative motion (or attempted motion) of objects or materials that are in contact Acceleration – the change in velocity per certain time interval; how quickly motion changes Net Force – the combination of all the forces that act on an object Isaac Newton’s Second Law of Motion (F=ma) explains the relationship between force and acceleration in motion. The application of force on an object causes an acceleration of that object. Yet, force is not the only factor in the movement, or acceleration of an object. The two main influences on the acceleration of an object are net force and mass. For example, net force is directly proportional to acceleration while mass is inversely proportional to acceleration. In other words, net force- the force that has overcome friction and accelerates an object- is directly linked to acceleration; the more force you have, the faster an object goes.Other factors such as the friction, air or fluid resistance, and pressure effect the acceleration as well. All of these factors do not work against or in accordance with acceleration in the same way. Friction works in opposition to acceleration. Friction involves two objects that are in direct contact with on another but are moving in different directions. Involved with friction is air and fluid resistance. Fluid resistance, such as liquids or gases, focuses on when the object is moving in the opposite direction of a fluid flow or through a dense area of fluid. Air resistance involves movement through the air. The most noticeable effect of air resistance is when and object travels into a strong breeze or wind. And finally pressure, pressure refers to an applied force. With pressure you will find that the overall weight of and object doesn’t change no matter how you stand or lay it but you will fill more pressure from that same object depending on the force per surface area. The weight of the object has not changed but you that area of application the force feels greater. That is the pressure increase. In Newton’s Second Law, the areas such as free falling verse vacuum suction are also compared with the falling of objects.