2017-08-22 21:34:30
she had a history of drug abuse and when I was in seventh grade never showed up to court... But now she is much better and my dad got married a year ago to a woman he only dated for about 4-5 months and engaged for around 1-2. My mom was supposed to have supervised visitation but my dad never cares until this march when i was with my mom and had my bf comeover to my aunts and never told him. Then its been supervised visits for only one hour and I have No say. I can no longer go to my aunts. My mom went to court and got papers served but Im so scared the court wont let me be able to live there. The step mom whom i live with smokes weed and drinks alot of alcohol which i took pictures of in hope to get out of the house.. Is there any chance ill be able to live with my mom