2017-08-22 03:33:30
Please help me write an objective summary bases on this introduction. These procedures have been developed to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species, especially quagga and zebra mussels, on trailered watercraft. Benefits to you include protecting your engine from overheating, enhanced boat performance and reduced gasoline consumption. When properly used, these procedures also preserve fishing, protect the aquatic environment, and save millions of dollars in water supply and electric-power generating equipment maintenance. It protects water bodies from the many destructive invasive species that hitchhike on boats. Finally, it enables you to comply with state and federal laws prohibiting the spread of quagga and zebra mussels. Failure to comply could result in your boat being impounded and you could be subject to criminal prosecution. The few minutes required to inspect and clean your equipment are more than worth the many benefits. These instructions enable you to inspect every part of your equipment that has been in contact with the water. They allow you to discover, remove, and kill, all mussels—including attached adults, juveniles and larvae. Microscopic, free-floating larvae can be found anywhere there is standing water remaining on your vessel or trailer. Attached juveniles the size of sand grains, older juveniles as large as shotgun shot, or adults up to an inch in length, might be found anywhere on your boat. Therefore, the inspection must be detailed and thorough. What key details should be included in a summary of the introduction to "Boat Inspection and Cleaning Procedures for All Watercraft Owners"? Help me ASAP for 25 points
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