2017-08-20 22:11:00
Your friend goes shopping with $35. She buys a sweater that is on sale for half price and uses a coupon for $5 off the sale price. She has $10.50 left. What was the original price of the sweater?
2017-08-21 01:06:45

Let S = the original price of the sweater. Now, lets step through the problem... The friend goes shopping with $35 and ends up left with $10.50. This means she spent 35 - 10.50 = 24.50 on the sweater after the sale and coupon. Next, the sweater is on sale for 50%. This means we take S and take 50% of that. S*.50 Next, she uses a $5 off coupon. Thus, we want to subtract $5 from the price.  Lets combine this all together! 24.50 = S*.50 - 5 Solve for S. 24.50 = S*.50 - 5 29.50 = S*.50 $59 = S Thus, the original price of the sweater was $59.