2017-08-20 17:17:15
Just some fun Friday questions: If one pelican is called a pelican than what is a whole group of pelicans called? (Do not let the wording trick you, it is not pelicans.) If a guy and a girl go out on a date, and they come back the next day and things are weird between them at school, what most likely happened? What has wheels and flies, but is not an aircraft? If time flies then why is time always standing still? Why is A the first letter in the alphabet?
2017-08-20 20:17:33

The first one is flock the second one is the date did not go well the rest are really complicated but let me have a gander at them for a moment .... the forth one is because time always repeats (sorry that is all I could figure out).

2017-08-20 20:18:48

a pelican. they had problems that were weird. a hovercraft. time never stops. because alphabet starts with the letter a.