2017-08-20 12:11:45
Describe the choice the protagonist makes to change the course of the conflict. To build a fire by jack lonon
2017-08-20 17:26:17

I personally read this story and the man made a lot of bad choices. - - - The first choice he makes it not listening to the Old Timer. He tells the man not to go out alone when the temperature goes below 50 degrees.  Next, this leads to him trying to build a fire, but he build it under a tree. The fire melts the snow above him and it puts the fire out. The man had fallen in a cold water whole, so he is freezing. His final mistake is using all his matches trying to build one fire. He tries to kill his dog and tries to use his body for warmth, but the dog escapes. This is building tension in the story, leading to the resolution (the man dies).