2017-08-19 17:23:45
Which excerpt from "The Adventure of the Mysterious Picture" conveys the eerie tone of the passage? The uneasiness of my position made my slumber troubled, and laid me at the mercy of all kinds of wild and fearful dreams. I was hag-ridden by a fat saddle of mutton; a plum pudding weighed like lead upon my conscience; the merry thought of a capon filled me with horrible suggestions. As I heard the wind moan among the trees, I caught a reflection of this accursed visage in the pane of glass, as though it were staring through the window at me. I determined to force myself not to look at the painting but to undress quickly and get into bed.
2017-08-19 22:16:56

I believe it would be the acursed visage because it is very eerie that something would be staring at you through your window on a windy, stormy night.

2017-08-19 22:18:11

the picture have so much tings to said