2017-08-19 05:50:30
Science help! ( 40 pts ) The equation above is not balanced. In the balanced equation, what coefficient would be in front of the iron on the reactant side? 1 2 3 4 In an exothermic reaction, what happens to heat? It is released. It is absorbed. The amount of heat does not change. Heat creates a weak acid buffer. Which is not a factor that can affect the rate of a reaction? color of reactants temperature pressure amount of reactants How much sodium chloride would be weighed out if 3 moles of the molecule were needed? * NaCl has an atomic mass of 58.44 19.48 g 116.88 g 175.32 g Not possible to have this much sodium chloride
2017-08-19 11:08:42

19.95 13.54 16.65 18?96