Social Studies
2017-08-19 05:27:00
99 POINT QUESTION, PLUS BRAINLIEST!!! (Please answer genuinely, and do not answer just for points, if you do, your answer will be deleted, and those points will be taken back...) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Under which of the following circumstances might the United States decide to eliminate tariffs on a particular import from another country? A. if the item cannot be produced in the United States B. if the United States has a trade deficit with the country C. if the U.S. economy is booming D. if the country is not an ally of the United States
2017-08-19 08:23:09

A. if the item cannot be produced in the United states if the US does not produce it and needs it, it would try to find anyway to try to get the product as cheep as possible, and would eliminate as much barriers as possible to get the product in as much quanitity as it needs  hope this helps dont report me plz lol