2017-08-18 08:53:15
the solution to a system of linear inequalities is shown below. part a: determine a solution to this system of inequalities. write your answer as an ordered pair and explain how you know it is a solution part b: write a system of two linear inequalities that would have the solution shown in the graph
2017-08-18 09:14:53

a: A solution to the system of inequalities is any point in the marked area, for example (1,2) or (-5,5). b: You can see a horizontal line limiting the area parallel to the x axis at y=1. Everything above this line is accepted so your first inequality is y>1 your second line passes through (0,3) and (4,0) everything below this line is accepted to get the general form of the line you can insert (0,3): y=kx+b 3=0*k+b 3=b and (4,0) 0=4*k+3 -3=4k -3/4=k so y=(-3/4)k+3 everything with a lower y is accepted so y<(-3/4)k+3 in the end you get: y<(-3/4)k+3 and y>1 or together in one formula: 1