2017-08-17 02:08:30
The box plot below shows the total amount of time, in minutes, the students of a class surf the Internet every day: A box plot is shown. The left-most point on the plot is 20 and the right-most point is 95. The box is labeled 35 on the left edge and 60 on the right edge. A vertical line is drawn inside the rectangle at the point 55. Part A: List two pieces of information that are provided by the graph and one piece of information that is not provided by the graph. (4 points)
2017-08-17 04:32:05

The left most point is the minimum value in the data set (20). The right most point is the maximum value in the data set (95). The box left edge is Quartile 1 (35). The box right edge is Quartile 3 (60). The vertical line going through the box is Quartile 2 also called the median (55). One item of information that you CANNOT get from the boxplot is the MEAN of the data.