2017-08-15 20:46:00
Read the excerpt from The Dark Game. Mr. H. quickly began talking to his contacts in the city. Soon he heard of a British printer in Mexico City who had been falsely arrested for printing counterfeit money. Mr. H. intervened with the British minister, who got the frightened printer released from custody and the charges against him dropped. The printer, overjoyed to be free, told Mr. H. that he would welcome the opportunity to repay the agent for his intervention. As a matter of fact, Mr. H. told him, there was a favor the printer could do for him. Which inference can a reader make based on the information in the excerpt? Mr. H. knew the printer would help them upon release from prison. Mr. H. was very concerned for the falsely imprisoned printer. Mr. H. and the printer had known each other for a long time. Mr. H. originally had not intended to employ the printer’s help.
2017-08-15 22:09:24

"The Dark Game" is actually a book that was written by Paul B. Janeczko and based on the excerpt above taken from this book, what the readers can infer from it as the basis for the given information is that Mr. H. and the printer had known each other for a long time. The answer is the third option.