2017-08-11 16:06:30
A) The correlation coefficient, r, is equal to the number of data points that lie on the regression line divided by the total number of data points. B) The correlation coefficient gives us information about the number of outliers compared to the number of data points. C) The correlation coefficient is a unitless number and must always lie between –1.0 and +1.0, inclusive. D) The correlation coefficient, r, gives us information about the strength and direction of a linear relationship between any two variables. E) If r is the correlation between two variables x and y then -r is the correlation between y and x. F) The larger r is in absolute value, the stronger the relationship is between the two variables. Which statements are correct?
2017-08-11 21:53:27

F is the right answer i did that

2017-08-11 21:54:42

The answer will be F