2015-10-31 22:04:30
Read the following scenario and decide whether Peter is being productive. Peter gets all his study materials together on the desk in his room and clears a place to work. He reads his assignment and is ready to begin writing the required paper. He decides to go to the library to write, so he packs everything and heads out. At the library, Peter decides to take a quick look at his favorite magazine. Half an hour later he decides he should find more books to use for the writing assignment. He looks them up and checks them out. Now it’s 10:00 and the library is about to close. Peter goes home, but now it’s too late to begin. Peter decides to get up early the next day and do his assignment.
2015-11-01 01:48:38

Peter is not being productive, he is procrastinating. 

2015-11-01 01:49:53

He is not productive.