2021-06-11 13:51:45
Which of the following describes why wetlands are important to the water cycle?
2021-06-11 15:28:13

Wetlands are important to the water cycle since these specific areas cater largely the various water resources that can be vaporized and condensed by the thermal energy of the sun and absorb into the atmosphere. For instances, these biogeochemical cycles move through mainly the biotic and abiotic components of the earth, more elaborately the spheres -biospheres, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere regions of the ecosystem. These biogeochemical cycles, from its terminology and discernable word morphology- involves the biological, geological and chemical components that make out to complete an exact and purposed cycle. The purpose in these cycles are to maintain balance and to ensure the ongoing process of the living and non-living organisms in the environment. These cycles’ help to living organisms survive and thrive. One popular example is the water cycle.