2021-06-10 01:02:45
The most common cause of desertification is A.drought. B. the construction of dams. C. mining. D. overgrazing
2021-06-10 01:30:59

D. overgrazing overgrazing is when animals graze on the land more than the land has.

2021-06-10 01:32:14

Desertification is the state wherein lands that are full of trees and covered with vegetation has become bare with no trace of vegetation at all. There are a lot of causes as to the existence of desertification such as drought and mining. They can both contribute to the death and deteriorating vegetation of our land forms. Among these causes of desertation, overgrazing is said to be the most common cause. Overgrazing is one of the human activities wherein farmers allow livestock to overly graze the vegetation to the extent of destroying the vegetation especially if farmers have lots of livestock and small vegetation areas and they tend to stay longer than expected in one vegetation area.