2015-10-30 15:55:00
Brainiest to Best Answer: Can you be placed in an Intensive Math Course and a 12th-grade level Math course in Freshman year at the same time? I asked various resources and some made claims such as "They cannot place a student in an intensive math course and an AP/Honors Math-course in the same year on their schedule" regardless of whether the student/parents want it. Is this true? If my Guidance Counselor arranged this, legally, what will the school be forced to do to fix this issue? Do they have to remove the intensive math course from the transcript or make a note of this mistake to college? I was a math genius in Pre-Calculus Honors and they offered "Advanced Math Topics," a class that was below Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (all of which I aced in Honors and scored in the top 5% in the exams). The Guidance Counselor claimed this class "would look good on my college transcript and serve as an extra math credit" and never mentioned this being an intensive math class, but it was. I am a math genius who scored the highest on various tests in the school and sometimes district, especially the EOCs and PSAT (overall and math). Do you agree with me? Can you give some explanations and reasoning based on what you know about schools and class-acceptance and permission.
2015-10-30 22:26:05

no, most schools do not allow you to take 2 math courses at the same time because usually one of them needs the other completed before you can start that one hope this helps

2015-10-30 22:27:20

I agree with the other answer, though I believe that you could talk with your school about getting some special permission because you scored so highly on the tests and have aced those other courses. I think this is a very complicated situation.  (I wish I was that good at math :))