2015-10-30 15:19:45
Quais fatores que contribuíram para o estado absolutista?
2015-10-30 17:24:45

People were fed up with uncertain conditions which caused them untold misery and were willing to be ruled by an absolute ruler who could assure them peace and order. This fact was fully exploited by rulers of Spain, France, England, Russia, Austria etc. to establish their absolute rule. Secondly, as a result of the Crusades the rulers and nobles of Europe came in contact with the East, where absolute monarchy was a common form of government. This had its impact on the rulers of Europe and they tried to assert their authority. The nobles and barons who could have possibly checked them were so much enfeebled due to Crusades that they never dared to challenge the authority of the kings. Thirdly, the enormous expansion in trade, commerce, industry and the consequent rise of towns and cities also greatly contributed to the growth of absolute monarchies in Europe.