2021-04-08 07:52:15
Which words in the sentence are the adverb clause? My sister Alessandra wants to live in sunny south Florida because she enjoys year-round sports. a. south Florida because she enjoys b. because she enjoys year-round sports c. my sister Alessandra wants d. to live in sunny south Florida
2021-04-08 09:19:33

ummmm, i need help on a qesution can anyone help 

2021-04-08 09:20:48

An adverb clause, or a subordinate clause, is the one which cannot exist on its own, it has to be a part of the main clause, or else it sounds incomplete. The only such example here is B, because if you look at that clause on its own, it needs to be completed.  A is just a weird construction meaning nothing. C is a fragment of a sentence. And D is an infinitive phrase.