2021-04-08 02:46:45
Which choice describes how the capitalized pronoun is used in the following sentence? "The last ones to enter the gymnasium were Christopher and SHE." A. subject B. predicate nominative C. object of a preposition D. direct object
2021-04-08 09:26:06

A. SUBJECT The word group that contains a subject and verb in agreement with each other is "contestants are running".  A word group is a group of words where there is a grammatical relationship between the words. In our example: "contestants are running", the subject is "contestants" and the verb is "are running".  The agreement rule that applies to a subject joined by or nor is: use a singular verb. A compound subject, i.e. a subject that has more than one item in it, and consists of a choice, for example, "The cat or the dog ran after the mouse." The compound subject in this sentence needs a singular verb.