2021-03-27 15:25:00
In the poem, "As a weary pilgrim, now at rest" Anne Bradstreet discusses the themes of death and solace, or relief from pain. Analyze the development of these themes in the poem. How and why does the speaker relate these two concepts?
2021-03-27 22:09:11

The poem is clear and concise and shows us a person who wishes nothing more but to be again with her spouse. She keeps telling the reader what the pilgrim will never get to do again, but in the end says that the pain is gone for that person and that person is now in a better place. Only happiness and bliss remain for the pilgrim. And now, the author becomes the one who is alone and wishes to die, so as to join the spouse in such a wonderful place. She wants to be the one who will never get to do anything. The focus is shifted from the pilgrim to the author.