2021-03-27 09:44:15
Determine whether the sentences below are comma splices or fused sentences. 1. Julie is a real hypochondriac when her stomach hurts, she is certain that she has a bleeding ulcer, and if she has a backache, she believes that she has cancer of the spine. A. comma splice B. fused sentence 2. My cat Buster loves to nap on warm appliances when he sleeps on top of the television, his tail swipes the screen like a windshield wiper. A. comma splice B. fused sentence 3. During English class, Anthony kept flirting with RaShaunda because his behavior was keeping Shenicka from understanding the lecture, Shenicka whacked him over the head with her heavy dictionary. A. comma splice B. fused sentence
2021-03-27 10:50:28

the answers to 1-3 are : 1. a. 2. a. 3. b.