2021-01-16 03:48:30
Tens of thousands of people were killed in _____ as its longtime leader attempted to stay in power. a. syria b. Bahrain c. Egypt d. iran
2021-01-16 06:24:12

I feel like this could be true for many countries, but I think that the question is best answered with "Egypt" and the longtime leader is Hosni Mubarak (leader between 1981-2011). But perhaps even better answer is Syria - the leader is Bashar al-Assad, in power since 2000, and before that his father, Hafez al-Assad was the leader for 30 years.

2021-01-16 06:25:27

The answer is Syria.  On 2011 a revolution began in Syria as part of the Arab Spring.  It is still on-going and has caused several deaths as hundreds and thousands of people have been killed.  It has also involved the Russians as well as ISIS.  Many have fled to Europe and has led to an enormous refugee crisis.