2021-01-13 22:44:15
Name three of the many clever things Monstresor does to lure fortunato into his trap.
2021-01-14 01:40:46

Montresor does three clever things to lure Fortunato into his trap. First, he gets the attention of the drunk Fortunato by telling him about a "pipe" of Amontillado that he has acquired during the Carnivale season. Second, tells Fortunato that he has acquired Luchesi to by the taste-tester to tell if it is truly Amontillado, but mentions that he does not think Luchesi is good enough to know the difference between Cherry and Amontillado. This ploy tricks Fortunato, who is prideful in his pallate and claims he would be the best judge. Finally, Montresor gradually offers many different kinds of drink to Fortunato, keeping him constantly drunk so he is unaware of what is really going on and will not be able to escape or fight back.