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1. Where were most of the first settlements in America found? A)along roadways B)beside fertile grounds C)near warmer climates D)along waterways 2. What has had the greatest impact on the fishing industry in North America over the past 50 years? A)improvement and modernization of boats and fishing equipment B)improvement in fisheries management C)international treaties outlining proper use of international waters for fishing D)increased satellite capabilities 3. Read the following quote from a writer describing the distance water fishing fleets in the 1970s: “...try to imagine a mobile and completely self-contained timber- cutting machine that could smash through the roughest trails of the forest, cut down trees, mill them, and deliver consumer-ready lumber in half the time of normal logging and milling operations. This was exactly what factory trawlers did -- this was exactly their effect on fish -- in the forests of the deep. It could not long go unnoticed“. (Distant Water, William Warner) Based on this quote, what phenomena was this writer describing? Large fleets of lumber mill operations decimated U.S. forests because they were unregulated Large fleets of boats equipped to fish the deep waters with speed and efficiency also destroyed the fishing supplies The forests of the deep were unprotected and unregulated Factory trawlers were useful in forestry and the fishing industry
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I think that, but I am not completily sure:  1-d 2-c 3-a