2020-04-27 22:14:45
Which of the following is a contributing reason behind emerging disease? a. The lack of evolution in pathogens? b. The lack of evolution in host c, The absence of migration travel in organisms d. The overuse of antibiotics
2020-04-28 03:50:32

The best answer is "d" - the overuse of antibiotic. Emerging disease are those whose incidence has increased in the past two decades or threatens to increase in the near future. Such diseases include : 1. Old infections emerging as a result of antimicrobial resistance due to indiscriminate or poor use or over use of antibiotics. 2. New infections resulting from evolution or change of existing organisms. 3. Previously unrecognized infections in areas undergoing ecological transformation 4. Known infections spreading to new geographical areas or population. Antibiotic resistance has been on the rise and is now major concern.