2020-04-27 12:27:15
How do you find the answer?
2020-04-27 16:57:46

You do not need a protractor. I will show you how to do the first one, and you will get how to do the rest. Always remember that when it is vertical angles, the one on the top right would always equal to the one on the bottom left. The angle on the top left would equal to the angle on bottom right. So, for the first one, the bottom left would be 74 degrees, since the top right is 74 degrees. The bottom right would be 106 degrees, since the top left is 106 degrees.

2020-04-27 16:59:01

I did the first for you All angles add up to 180 if they are beside each other one so 106+74=180. If two or more angles make a line all the angles equal 180 degrees Also the opposite angles are congruent