2020-04-27 07:57:00
write the equation of a line that has a slope of 1 and passes through the point (3,2) in point slope form
2020-04-27 10:21:19

Ah so slope intercept. So grab a graph, make a point at (3,2). Now, since the slope is 1, or 1/1:  The line will rise one, then go right one. You already know the slope, which is 1. So plug it in to the slope intercept form graph y = mx + b Y = 1x + b B is going to be the Y intercept, or where your line crosses the Y axis. To figure this out, you actually have to graph it. once you do, you realize the y intercept HAS to be -1, because thats the only point which will cause the line to pass through 3,2. The completed equation is y=1x+-1