Social Studies
2020-04-26 08:03:30
Be honest and tell what you guys thing of my essay please! Up vote every comment I will do what it takes to keep my people safe. At the same time, I will not feel comfortable putting people’s innocent family at risk. We have beat Germany one of the strongest countries without this Atomic Bomb and we have saved innocent Jews lives. Thousands of people dying at my hands that are innocent would not sit right with me and I will not let that characterize the United States of America. The United States is an integrated country with all races living here. So for the Japanese population, I will try to a find a more peaceful result to end this war. I would like to make the point that innocent blood may be shed but none will be killed carelessly. Every innocent person that is killed will either be killed tragically or in the crossfire. My soldiers are not to fire at any civilians that pose no harm. At the same time they are warned that there may be suicide bombers. Back to the main topic, though, I see this war coming to end soon and I see us victorious. So extreme measures such as this atomic bomb I see no use for. People that are in the area of the battle deserve to know that they have some type of protection. They can know confidently that Americans pose them no harm if they come in peace. Our founding fathers named us the ‘’Land of the Free’’ and we will give this name meaning by living up to our promises. Pacifists will know that innocent people are not dying, and we are protecting the people in the crossfire’s as well. Thank you, America for standing behind this beautiful country and we promise to keep serving our civilians
2020-04-26 13:24:41

I think the essay is good, but there are spelling/ grammatical errors here and there. You should run it through spell-check.