2020-04-24 01:25:15
A 54-gram sample of an unknown material has a volume equal to 20 cm3. Based on its density, could the sample be aluminum? Explain. When the aluminium is 2.7.
2020-04-24 05:51:12

The answer is the unknown material is the aluminium. The density (D) is the quotient of mass (m) and volume (V): D = m/V The density of the unknown material: m = 54 g V = 20 cm³ D = 54 / 20 = 2.7 Since the density of the unknown material is 2.7 and the density of the aluminium is 2.7, the unknown material is the aluminium.

2020-04-24 05:52:27

Density = mass / volume ρ = 54 / 20 ρ = 2.7 g/cm³ The density of aluminum is 2.7 cm³ so this material is aluminum. The density of a material is specific to it and is independent of the amount of substance present; thus, it can conclusively be stated that this material is aluminum.