2020-04-22 10:15:15
In pea plants, purple flowers (P) are dominant over white flowers (p). If two heterozygous purple-flowered plants are crossed with each other, then what are the possible genotypes of the offspring?
2020-04-22 15:32:59

for this you would use a punnet square (ill try my best to show it while typing) heterozygous means different, so with the purple flower youd get the gene shown as Pp and put it into the punnet square      P     p P  PP  Pp p  Pp   pp given the possibilities in the punnet square the genes with at least one P is going to be purple and the genes with 2 "p"s are going to be white so you would have 25% Dominate Homozygous Purple 50% Dominate Heterozygous Purple 25% Recessive Homozygous White