2020-04-20 19:40:30
PLEASE HELP! Chris has a large collection of hockey cards and wants to get of rid of some of his hockey cards. He gives two away on day 1, four away on day 2, and eight away on day 3. He continues this pattern for 10 days. Which statement describes why this sequence is a function? What is each answer. (This can be more than one answer) A. The graph of this sequence would pass the vertical line test. B. Each amount of hockey cards corresponds to a unique day in this sequence. C. The graph of this sequence would pass the horizontal line test. D. Each day corresponds to a unique amount of hockey cards in this sequence.
2020-04-20 21:29:01

I would say the answers are A and C.

2020-04-20 21:30:16

A,C are the answers. :)