2020-04-20 00:05:30
Pick 10 word and create story must have at completes 6 sentence. 1.fence 2.race 3.space 4.fudge 5.dodge 6. Stage 7.slicing 8.any 9.from 10.happy 11.once 12.so 13.upon
2020-04-20 01:56:42

one early summer day, on the farm, Jess to Old Daisy out to milk. Daisy loved the fresh green grass to eat, but Jess could never understand why Daisy hated the fence. once Jess and Daisy had a race in the backyard. there was so much space Daisy could not believe her eyes. she immediately took a big cluster of grass out of the ground with little pieces of grass going everywhere. then, Jess smelled fudge. he could smell the sugary sweet taste of his mothers fudge brownies. jess was so very happy. he ran from the backyard to his home, leaving poor Daisy behind. Jess had to dodge the ceiling of the barn,, it was small, for Jess was a full grown boy! slicing through the green grass, he finished part of his chore. when Jess finally arrived home, he saw the pan of fudge hanging from the windowsill. he could not control himself from taking any piece of the dish, he ate it all! and that fudge Just ask Jess!