2020-04-19 00:23:45
Some scientist have suggested that the impact of a large meteor may have caused the extinction of dinosaurs. How could the impact of a large meteor with Earth cause the extinction of many species of organisms world-wide? A x The meteor strike could cause Earth to become radioactive and organisms would die of radiation sickness. B x The meteor strike could vaporize all of the water on earth so plants could not undergo photosynthesis. C x The meteor strike could kick up a dust cloud that would block the sun, lower the temperature, and cause major climatic change. D x The meteor could hit the organisms and kill them.
2020-04-19 05:03:50

well, in theory all of these answers could be correct but I would go with c but that would depend on the size of the state to identify. if it is a large asteroid like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs then yes, it would make a cloud of dust in the atmosphere that would block sunlight