2020-04-18 01:40:45
A girl has been having problems with her mental health, which is affecting her physical health, because of your classic taunting mean girl who teases and is a total brat. The girl has been dealing with this for 3 years. What should she do if this bullying is not considered a huge deal in her school, and she is on a team with her, without affecting people around her? Give the best, most reasonable answer.
2020-04-18 02:27:12

The best thing for this girl to do is take this information to her parents who should then report this issue to the school board. Everyone has a boss this issue should be pushed by all means because this is a very serious matter. The student should request immediately to be removed from the group in which she shares with the bully to prevent any further confrontation. The student she be placed somewhere else where she will be safe and no longer getting bullied.