Teaching Objects is common core standards + google drive + youtube

Are you a teacher using Google Drive to store lesson materials? Is YouTube your source for more than cat videos? This tool is designed for you. Develop, organize and store lesson plans; pull in resources from Google Drive and YouTube; align lessons to Common Core State Standards and make them available to students and parents. Get started

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Ground(ed) Teaching

This postcard,┬áproduced for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris (via), makes some remarkably accurate predictions about 21st century education. It’s central premise, that technology would play a key role in education, has come to pass. It’s industrial-model assumption, that instruction would be delivered via the (here literal) grinding of content into the heads of students, unfortunately presaged the design of first-generation learning management systems: content was to be entered by the teacher and absorbed by the student.

Thankfully, innovative teachers rejected that model, hacking tools which were never intended for education (Blogger, Twitter, Glogster, et al.) and cultivating an arsenal of solutions which addressed their needs in very specific ways.

Teaching Objects addresses one distinct need for teachers: lesson plan management. Use it to aggregate resources from tools you may already use and align your lessons to Common Core State Standards. Teaching Objects won’t electromagically pipe lessons into your students’ brains via golden learning helmet, but it should simplify one organizational task and free up some of your time and energy as a teacher.